What’s up with that Puntland President Said Deni & the President of SFG Hassan Sheikh will be meeting in Galkayo?

The President of Puntland, Said Abdullahi Deni, is scheduled to arrive at the capital of Mudug region in Galkayo on August 28, where he will inaugurate the 1st of September football tournament in 9 regions of Puntland.

President Said Deni is also meeting with cultural leaders, intellectuals and different sectors of the society in Galkayo, with whom he will discuss the strengthening of security and the end of clan feuds in Mudug region.

Also, the President is visiting development projects in Mudug region, such as the 3G road that connects Garacad, Goldogob and Galkayo.

There is no meeting between President Deni and SFG President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Galkayo, as confirmed by Idilnews officials from the office of the Puntland President.

The security of Galkayo has now been strengthened and additional troops have been deployed to the city, which will strengthen the security forces of Mudug region.