The latest news of the Lascaanod war

Heavy artillery fire can still be heard on the east and west sides of the outskirts of Lasanood, and this morning a heavy battle between the militias of the Somaliland administration and the local forces of the SSC has resumed.

In most of today’s wars, the sides are using heavy weapons. Somaliland is said to have been severely defeated in the war, there are deaths and injuries to its forces, while a war vehicle was burnt.

Also, the local forces of SSC have suffered losses in the war, and the news from Lasaanod adds that the local forces have entered new areas in the battle areas.

Somaliland, which released a news report, accused Puntland forces of supporting Al-Shabaab terrorists for attacking positions where its forces were stationed. This is the entertainment news that Muse Bihi confuses the people of the northern regions.