Two factors that pushed Hassan Sheikh to discuss Garacad Port!

The Auditor General of the Federal Government of Somalia, based in Hamar, on Wednesday released a statement that surprised many people, which related that Federal Government owes 20 million dollars to the Port of Garacad, which was paid for two military camps in Galkayo.

Idilnews has received official information that clarifies the reason behind the statement made by Gutale, who was one of the journalists working in Southern Somalia, but was handed over to the Auditor’s Office after the arrival of Hassan Sheikh in Villa Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is said to have delivered this statement to Gutale, being angry about two things:

1. That he was refused to be given a share that did not come from investment in Garacad Port. Hassan Sheikh did not have a plan to give him a share in the Port and he saw that its work is going on fast and has a big market now and in the future.

2. Political blows he faced in his efforts to get the President of Puntland to see each other, to reach a special agreement and attend the meeting of the National Consultative Council in Dhusamareb in early September. President S. Deni rejected proposals from Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates to mediate between him and Hassan Sheikh who requested it.