Details of the meeting between Mudug Elders and Ahmed M. Fiqi

Ahmed Fiqi reasonably, he spoke at to days’s meeting and said….

1. That, this meeting is not a political one, and he is not a representative of the government. He is an elder of the Sa’ad community who is responsible for working in the security of the region.

2. He does not agree with the news from Hamar Auditor against Garacad Port.

3. He should put effort into finding the Garacad-Goldogob Road Construction Project.

4. That Sa’ad community is committed to, maintaining stability and harmony in Mudug.

Islaan Basheer and the others told Fiqi…

1. That, he is their civil son, and they welcome him.

2. The stability and security of Mudug is not affected, Fiqi avoids being used to disrupt it.

3. The Road Project should be monitored since it is an area that has something to do with the Port of Garacad.

4. They see Hassan as a man who does not want good.

In that meeting, he promised to protect the security of Mudug.

Fiqi and his group are singing in Wisil Berri, gathering militia and weapons to be part of the war against terrorism.

Jibril Qoobey.