Gen. Mahad Cambaashe, where is he officially?

General Mahad Cambaashe, who was the Commander of the 7th battalion of the Somaliland administration army, is in the city of Oog, after the defeat of Muse Bihi’s command in the city of Lasaanood and other areas of Sool where they were located.

Mr. Cambaashe, the only officer from Sool, who was part of the Somaliland administration’s massacre in Lasaanood, escaped to Oog on Friday after being severely defeated by the Somaliland army.

Idilnews has learned that Mahad Cambaashe is driving up to 16 military vehicles, the biggest of which is the ZU, a military vehicle gun. The soldiers with Cambaashe are said to be 20 people alone.

More than 260 prisoners were captured in Somaliland’s war on Friday, while about 60 war vehicles were captured. Somaliland forces have also suffered many deaths.