Ahmed Karaash going to the town of Lasanood

Garowe, Puntland,
The Vice President of Puntland, Ahmed Ilmi Osman Karaash is visiting the city of Lasaanood in the capital of Sool region this week, after the forces of the Somaliland administration were defeated on Friday in heavy fighting that lasted for 8 months in Lasaanood.

Ahmed Karaash will be the highest man in charge to go to Laascaanood in the last 16 years, since the city was captured in 2007 by Somaliland forces who were supporting local militias.

President Karaash will meet with the leadership of the SSC and the traditional culture, while he will inspect the medical facilities and the interior of the city, which have suffered heavy damage from the attacks by the Somaliland militia in the city.