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The Ministry of Internal Affairs PL and the political parties made a unanimous decision on the seating schedule of the elected local councils.

Garowe, August 28, 2023: Notice announcing the sitting Schedule of Local Councils in Puntland Districts.

Today, the date is 28/08/2023, there was a consultation meeting on the resignation of the elected local councils, the Ministry of Interior, Federal and Democratization of Puntland Government and PL Political Parties.

After a long discussion, it was agreed that the sitting of Local Councils in all regions will start from 05/09/2023, except for Baran District, which is the place where the elected Local Councils will be open up.

Therefore, the Ministry of Interior, Federal and Democratization of the Government of Puntland, informs you that the inauguration day of the Assembly is 30/08/2023 and it will be inaugurated in Baran District of Sanaag Region.

Therefore, the Ministry is once again informing all the Governors of the Regions, Districts, elected Local Council members and political parties of the following points which are basic points for the seating of Local Councils:-

1. All members of the elected local councils must prepare for the appointment, swearing in and election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Local Council.

2. The Governors of the Regions are informed to participate in the Facilitation and Retirement of the Regional Councils.

3. The political parties should submit the final lists of nominated members to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Local Councils, as soon as possible.

4. The political parties should inform their members of the Local Councils to prepare for the seating of the Local Councils.

Finally, I hope that you will actively participate in the completion of the seat of local councils to fulfill the duty that the community has elected to serve them efficiently.