The United States and Somalia signed an agreement worth $92.6 million

The United States and Somalia today signed a development agreement worth $92.6 million, which the United States is helping with some of Somalia’s development programs.

Somalia’s Minister of Planning, Investment and Economic Development, Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebene, and Minister of Finance, Bihi Iman Cige, signed the agreement, while the US government was represented by Shane Dixon, the US ambassador to Somalia.

Minister Beenebene said the agreement will help Somalia build resilience and stability, promote economic growth and governance and empower future leaders, women and Somali youth.

Shane Dixon said, “This agreement reinforces 17 years of US development assistance to Somalia, our shared vision of resilience, and our shared commitment to a prosperous future.”

The United States is the country that provides the most aid to Somalia. They also helps in the fight against the Al-Shabaab group and the training of the troops.