France refused to leave with their expelled Niger ambassador

French President Emmanuel Macron said that his country’s ambassador to Niger will not leave the country.

This action coincides with the military that took over the country and ordered the ambassador to leave the country.

Macron attended a meeting of French ambassadors around the world, said on Monday that Ambassador Sylvain will remain in the country, despite a lot of pressure.

The president dismissed the concerns expressed about the danger if the order of the military leaders of Niger is not accepted, but Macron insists that “the policy he is acting on is the right one.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Niger on Friday ordered the French ambassador to the country to leave within 48 hours. The action was taken by the ministry after the ambassador refused to meet with the new leaders who took power in a coup in Niger.

The former president of Niger Bazoum and his family have been under house arrest since July this year.

Niger was formerly a French colony, and there were 1,500 French troops in the country who helped the country’s forces in the fight against armed groups.