A week later, questions about the Cowsweyne attack

It has been a week since the attack in the Cowsweyne area by al-Shabaab, which is said to have resulted in many casualties. The attack has raised many questions, some of which have not been answered until now, as many people have criticized the attack, who said that there were mistakes that led to the problem that happened in Awsweyne.

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheik Mohamud, who spoke after the attack, said that there were technical errors and an investigation would be conducted into what happened.

How did the attack happen?

The attack in the Cowsweyne area – which is about 20 kilometers away – in the El-Dheer district of the Galgudud region was said to have started with explosions and direct attacks after al-Shabaab attacked the Somali government army base in Gorgor and recently brought to Uganda where they lived in Awsweyne.

How much damage was done in Awsweyne?

After the Cowsweyne attack, the al-Shabaab group issued a press release stating that they killed 178 soldiers. They said they attacked three bases where 1,500 soldiers lived and took them completely.

Al-Shabaab released pictures of the attack on Cows Weyne. So far, there has been no news from the Somali military command and the Ministry of Defense to announce the official casualties of the attack.

Critics of President Hassan’s government called for the attack to be fraudulent, and there is a need for an investigation into the attack.

The areas where the government has withdrawn and why?

The government forces have retreated from areas previously occupied by al-Shabaab in the first phase of the war, which are part of the Galgadud region.

Military officials have been quoted as saying that government forces have retreated from the towns and villages of El Dheer, Masagaway, Budbud, Wabxo, Galcad, El Buur and Galhareri.

However, Abdisalan Guled, who comments on security issues and is the former deputy chairman of NISA, said that the minister’s statement does not reflect the reality and the people responsible for what happened should be held accountable.

There are many people who believe that this issue was caused by the Cowsweyne war on Saturday, August 26, and many questions have arisen due to leadership mistakes among the government forces.

“This struggle for which you have sacrificed a lot of blood is not acceptable to be ignored. Everyone is accountable for their responsibility, and you are heroes who are ready to fight against their enemies in the most difficult circumstances. You are dying and starving for your country. You are defending against the enemy,” said the Prime Minister while addressing the troops in a public place.