The alliance plan of Hassan, Geelle and Biixi failed

The three men who planned the plan against the Harti community have failed those are…

1. Hassan Sheik.
2. Ismail Cumar Geelle.
3. Muuse Bihi.

What did they agree on?

1 Political and commercial alliance of Hamar, Djibouti, and Hargeisa.

2. The Darood community is protected from the president’s seat in the future.

3. The Harti community is protected from the political representation of the Darood community.

Hassan failed?

1. The unity of the country has failed.
2. The war on terror has failed.
3. The implementation of promotional programs has failed.

Muuse failed?

1. The hope of separatism is lost.
2. The plan of Somalia and Somaliland closed
3. Weapons estimated at $15-Million, and nearly 3 thousand soldiers were being prepared 32 years out of the air.

Geelle failed?

1. The plan he was pushing for the Federal Somalia and SL failed.

2. The coalition of security forces in the Horn of Africa in Mogadishu, Hargaysa, and Djibouti has failed.

2. The implementation of colonial Somaliland has failed.

3. A non-partisan base established by Hamar and ruled by Somalis has failed.

Jibril Qoobey.