Mohamed Waare warned the Defense Minister of the FGS

The special envoy in charge of stabilizing the war zones of the President of the FGS, Mohamed Abdi Waare, called on the President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to remove the Minister of Defense of the FGS, Abdulqadir Mohamed Noor, from the military affairs and the fight against Al-Shabaab.

Mohamed Waare said that the responsibility for defeating the forces of the country’s forces in the Al-Shabaab attack in Caws-Weyne belongs to Minister Abdul Qadir, warning him that he will be part of the Maxaas operation.

“Mr. President @HassanSMoxamuud, saving the mission against Al-Shabaab and your loyalty, do not bring this gentleman, his staff and those responsible for the problem of cows weyne and Galcad in Maxaas. It will not end well.”