Hassan Sheikh missed the UN Conference because of the political failure he faced

After the successive failures of the terrorist war, Hassan Sheikh realized that he had nothing to confront the international community and the United Nations Conference, instead of Prime Minister Hamse, he sent the United States and the United Nations Conference.

Hamse Barre, left Mogadishu this morning, will pass through Qatar.

Hassan Sheikh, failed to lead the country…

1. Politically, his government does not go beyond Mogadishu and some parts of the South of the country, especially the areas where his community relatives lives.

2. He was looking for funds for the war on terror, but he failed.

3. The country’s economy has reached its lowest point and failed financially.

After his trip to Maxaas local area, he returned to Mogadishu, without any result from the war he was away from Dhusamareb for a month.

Jibril Qoobey.