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What is the basis of the new tension between Algeria and Morocco?

Before we go into this new crisis, it is worth noting that Algeria and Morocco, two Arab countries located in North Africa, have moved their embassies in 2021.

In addition, the borders of these two neighboring countries have been closed since 1994. The reason is that the relationship between the two countries has been very loose since their independence.

The main reason is that Algeria has supported the Polisario armed rebellion fighting for the independence of the Western Sahara region of Morocco.

The Western Sahara, which is equivalent to half of the Moroccan mainland, is a symbol of the kingdom of Morocco. The government is desperate for the release of the land.
The Algerian Navy has been accused of firing on five men from Morocco who wrongly landed their luxury yachts on the shores of Algeria.

The men left the coastal city of Seydia in Morocco, which is located on the border between the two countries.

Mohamed Kissi, who survived the incident, told Le360 in Morocco that they were informed of the Algerian navy’s firing without giving any warning.

Kissi said that the bullets killed his brother Bilal who was 29 and Abdelaali Mashyur who was 40, while Ismail Sanabi was captured by the Algerian Navy.


In a news release from the Algerian Ministry of Defense on Sunday, it was said that the navy fired a warning shot at the Moroccan youths, before they opened fire directly on the boats that entered Algerian waters.

Moroccan authorities said they could not comment on the case, describing it as a judicial matter. The Moroccan prosecutor said they were investigating the “violent incident”.

Mohamed and Bilal Kissi, along with Ismail Isnabi who is believed to have been arrested, hold Moroccan and French citizenship.

The Moroccan National Human Rights Council condemned the killing and called for the release of Snabi, who they said was immediately sentenced to 18 months in prison.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France said that it has learned about the death of one of its citizens and that another is being held in Algeria and has contacted the families and authorities of Morocco and Algeria.

The body of Bilal Kissi was found by Moroccan fishermen and buried near the city of Wajdah in eastern Morocco on Wednesday, according to his family.

Source: Reuters.