What did President Hassan and Ali Jeyte agree on?

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, is holding a series of meetings with cultural and political leaders and intellectuals of one of the clans living in the region in Mahaas, Hiran region.

The purpose of the meeting was stated in the hearing held by the community in the east of Beledweyne by the former governor of Hiran region, Ali Jeyte Osman, who said that he is the president of a separate administration in Hirshabelle. Jeyte, who opposed Hirshabelle’s decision to resign, is part of the discussions in Mahaas.

There are issues that have been agreed upon by the two officials and some that are yet to be resolved.

What was agreed upon is that all political matters should be postponed, and all matters related to the war against Al Shabaab should be led by Ali Jeyte directly under the president.

He added that he is not subordinate to anyone and is independent regarding the operation of the Maawisley army in Hiran region.

About 200 members held consecutive meetings with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, which reached about four meetings, according to informed people, and those members, including politicians, military officers, businessmen and traditional elders, asked the president in those meetings to Hiran region is made into a separate regional administration.

The points agreed upon by both parties

The first point is that the community does not recognize and is not ready to work with the Hiran state administration, and the second point is that the president should recognize the Hiran state administration.

It was also said that there is no despair and the community and the president are still going to meetings, and he indicated that those meetings will be fruitful.