President Hassan Sheikh feared for his personal safety.

The Somali social media is talking about a young man who opens the car door of the president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, with different opinions expressed because he is said to be the son of the president of Somalia, who is named Abdifatah Hassan Sheikh. Mahmoud.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Information of Somalia Abdirahman Al Adala confirmed that the boy is the son of the president of Somalia, and one of his personal guards, although he has no military training and he recently returned to the country to stand by his father. the generation of his personal activities.

Abdifatah lived in Turkey, where he used to work for one of the Somali remittances, but now he has taken over the personal security of the President of Somalia.

Now, the mistrust and suspicion between the slum group in Vila Somalia and the president who feared for his personal security is going through.