A serial killer was arrested in Kigali, who killed 14 people in his house.


The police said that a suspected murderer has been arrested in Rwanda after the bodies of more than 10 people were found in a hole in his house.

Neighbors told the AP news agency on Thursday that 34-year-old Denis Kazungu was a short-spoken man.

A spokesperson for the Rwanda Criminal Investigation Bureau (RIB), Thierry Murangira told reporters that the suspect confessed to the killings.

The police suspect that the suspect used to take people from bars to his home in the capital Kigali.

Police said an investigation is underway into why the man killed the people and will release the total number of bodies later.

A source in Rwanda’s Bureau of Investigation, who asked not to be named, told AFP that the number of victims so far is 14.

Kuzungu could not be reached for comment and it is unclear if he has a lawyer.

The government newspaper The New Times quoted Augustin Shyirambere, who rented the house from Kuzungu, who had not paid the rent for months and refused to enter the house. The owner then went to the government officials for help.

A neighbor of the suspect said he had a wife and two houses, one for his family and the other for his family.
He owned an auto parts store, a neighbor said.

Emmanuel Nizeyimana, the secretary of the Busanza district where Kazungu lived, said the suspect was previously arrested on charges of robbery and rape but was released. It is not clear why.

The investigation continued, and he was arrested again on Tuesday. After his house was searched, a hole was found in the kitchen, where he used to dump the people he killed.

“The accused admitted that he learned about the murders by watching the stories of famous killers in the world. He used to destroy some bodies with acid,” said a source from the RIB who spoke to AFP.

“He studied his victims before stalking them and chose those who probably didn’t have family or close friends looking for them.”

“He used to attract his victims, who were mostly female body traffickers, and bring them to his house, where he robbed them of their phones, then strangled them to death and then buried them in the pit,” said RIB spokesperson Thierry Murangira. said AFP.