The largest number of 107 Al-Shabab surrendered to the federal government


The Federal Government of Somalia said that at least 107 members of the Al-Shabaab militia surrendered in the last two months, as confirmed by the director of the Tubsan Center for Research and Prevention of Extremism.

Abdullahi Mohamed Noor, who has already been appointed as the Minister of Security, said that most of these members have surrendered to the regional governments of Galmudug, Jubaland, South West and Hirshabelle.

“The members who surrendered include children who were conscripts, very young, young people who were fighters of that group, women, and senior leaders of that group,” Abdullahi Mohamed Noor said in a video broadcast by the group. government media.

He said they will go through the process of ‘people who have surrendered, who have renounced radical ideas.’

“We are once again calling on the members who are still in Al-Shabaab to come out and take advantage of the government’s amnesty law for people who are suffering from the government,” added the director of Tubsan National Center.

Although people who have analyzed the issues of fighting terrorism are very doubtful about this surrender which is thought to be a planned plan, which is set as a trap for the Somali national forces.