Puntland and Ethiopia Forge Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement


In a significant move towards bolstering bilateral relations, Puntland and Ethiopia have inked a comprehensive cooperation agreement. The pact, signed by two ministerial committees led by the Finance Minister of Puntland and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ethiopia, encompasses key sectors including energy, business, and security.

The agreement marks a milestone in the collaborative efforts between the two nations, aiming to foster mutual prosperity and security. Under the accord, both parties have pledged to enhance cooperation in energy projects, facilitate business initiatives, and strengthen security measures to ensure regional stability.

In addition to the committee-level collaboration, high-level talks are scheduled between President Deni of Puntland and Prime Minister of Ethiopia. President Deni and his delegation arrived in Ethiopia yesterday, underscoring the significance of the diplomatic engagement.

Moreover, Puntland’s decision to invoke the Fourth Article of its Constitution signifies a significant development. This constitutional provision grants Puntland the authority to assert itself as a sovereign state, reflecting the region’s commitment to autonomy and self-governance.

Puntlands decision to withdraw from the Somali federal government follows the illegitimate amendment of Somalias constitution which occurred without the consultation of the Puntland government and people.

Overall, the cooperation agreement signals a new chapter in the relations between Puntland and Ethiopia, poised to unlock opportunities for economic growth, strengthen security cooperation, and foster closer ties between the two neighboring states.