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Funeral of opposition politician Bate Urgessa held at Meserte Kristos Church in Meki

The funeral of Bate Urgessa, a political officer with the opposition Oromo Liberation Front (#OLF), took place today at 12:00 AM at the Meserte Kristos church in his hometown of Meki, in the East Shoa zone of the #Oromia region.

Bate was shot dead on Tuesday night, and his body was found dumped by the road early on Wednesday in Meki.

An outspoken politician, Bate was a father of four children. He was recently released from prison on 100,000 birr bail after he was detained for two weeks, accused of “conspiring with two armed groups, the OLA-Shene and the Fano militia, to incite unrest in the capital.”

Bate had a history of arrests and detentions. During one of his recent imprisonments, he encountered a serious health issue while in police custody, leading to his release.