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After Iran’s attack last night on Israel it can be said that Iran has failed!

Not a single drone or cruising missile penetrated Israel, and the absolute majority of ballistic missiles fired from Iran were successfully intercepted. But Iran did manage to achieve 3 things:

1- To seriously injure a 7-year-old Bedouin Arab girl

2- To strengthen Israel’z reputation in the world, to help forge a stronger union between Israel and the Western countries that provide complete support to Israel, and also to create an alliance between Israel and other Arab countries that provide support, including Jordan, which intercepted some of the missiles, and according to a report by the Al-Arabiya network, it was reported that Saudi Arabia also intercepted missiles.

3- To create unprecedented hysteria among people in Iran! The Iranian currency is in freefall and at an all-time low, the Iranians raided gas stations and supermarkets all night, and there’s a mad panic in anticipation of the IDF’s response.

So while Israel is busy protecting its citizens, the Iranian regime is busy destroying the Middle East and its own people!


Yosef Hadad.