Russia has promised important things to Africa

“In Africa, we working with them to get weapons, grain and sometimes free of intelligence issues” said the Russian.

There are three things that are important only for the dictators in the state seats of Africa, which in turn are a shame and shame for the people of the continent.

Wheat, Arms and Intelligence are not worthy to be confronted by the Continental Society.

At least the West, they are ashamed of such things to stand on the stage and mix their interests with issues worthy of human beings like…

1. Protection of Human Rights
2. Strengthening Democracy.
3. Basic Community Services.
4. Government Budget Support.
5. Supporting aid organizations.
6. Growing Food Crops.

First, it was humiliating that Putin and 50 African leaders did not meet each other properly.

The African leaders did not talk to Russia about the war in Ukraine, but they emphasized how to get free wheat from them, which underlines the low consciousness and conscience of the African leaders.

Gebriel Qobey.