Dr Hodan Osman has been appointed to a new position.

AUGUST 16, 2023

The Prime Minister of the Government of the Federal Republic, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre, has today appointed Dr. Hodan Osman Abdi, who was previously a senior adviser in the Prime Minister’s office, to a new position.

Hamza appointed the Senior Adviser, and the General Coordinator of Human Capital Development in the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Hodan Osman Abdi.

The Prime Minister made this appointment after seeing the ability, knowledge and experience of Mrs. Hodan, and he considered the need to promote the human capital of the society, which is part of the plan of the DanQaran government, it was said in a news release. the prime minister’s office.

Hodan Osman was previously a member of the staff of the prime minister’s office, and she was also Hamza Abdi Barre’s adviser on international relations.