Analysis: Hassan Sheikh’s journey to Mudug necessary at this time?

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, his arrival in Galkayo, is creating tension and unnecessary travel in Mudug Region at this time.

Hassan does not have a good history in Mudug region and he is known as the civil conflict creator, thus Mudug Community has not forgotten the conflict he created during his previous tenure.

Now, he is coming to Galkayo which is peaceful, reconciled, has fought against terrorists and has made progress together.

He came forward from Fiqi who has already started organizing the Galkayo Community in Puntland, and he met with Barahley elders from the Lelkase Community.

Many people think that Hassan’s stay in Dhusamareb is not a fight against al-Shabaab but a new conflict that will be unleashed in Mudug so that Puntland will be under pressure.

Among the features of Hassan, there are tribes that are served in a disgusting way.

There is no need Hassan Sheikh for Mudug region at this time.

Gibriel Qobey.