Analysis: 3 factors that caused the low relationship between Puntland & the international community

Puntland is facing a burden in terms of diplomacy and foreign relations, after measures taken by President Said Abdullahi Deni, which reduced the interaction with the international community and relations with important countries that consider this situation in the strategic area of ​​Somalia.

President Saeed Deni has recently refused to receive ambassadors from several countries, who have an influence on politics and development projects in Somalia. He told them that he did not have time to meet with him but he will inform them about the schedule of their meeting which he said could take place in Kenya.

Also, Deni refused a month ago a call proposed by the representatives of the international community and international organizations, which was related to the holding of a conference to discuss the development of Puntland and announced the ‘Puntland Development Fund’ but instead he had a meeting with some One of the ministers of the Government led by him announced the ‘Council for Economic Development of Puntland’.

Three points on the basis of the poor relationship between Puntland and the international community.

1. The behavior of the President Deni, for more than 4 years and 8 months in power, ignored the importance of international relations, instead he emphasized the development of relations between the United Arab Emirates, from which he received public and private support.

2. Successive Ministers of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Puntland, who were not good people and also did not have the status and understanding to build international relations and study development projects.

3. President Deni has been slow and ignored the importance of a committee or council that works to create and strengthen diplomacy and relations between Puntland and Somalia’s stakeholders.