Puntland “SFG has turned into a regional government based in Mogadishu”

The Minister of Information of Puntland, Mohamud Ayid Dirir, said that the Federal Government of Somalia is limited to a regional government established in Mogadishu, and cannot be recognized as a joint government.

Mohamud Aydeed, who was speaking at a meeting to commemorate the International Day of Humanity, pointed out that the government in Mogadishu has failed to issue an international call for the massacre of the Somaliland administration in Lasanood, and to propose massive aid to the people. displaced.

“Why should the Somali government be invited to make an international call and say that there have been disasters in Lasan? I think that the DFS is limited to a regional government established in Mogadishu and after today it is not recognized as a government but recognized as a regional government.

Also, Minister Aydeed mentioned that Mogadishu cannot be the capital of Somalis, and it is necessary to come to a peaceful place where Somalis can come to gather.