Bilateral agreements signed by Ethiopia and UAE.

• Agreement on mutual assistance in customs matters.
• For government development and modernisation Experience exchange.
• Field of industry and advanced technologies.
• MOU between Abu Dhabi ports and Ethiopia Investment holdings.
• Oumlat Security Printing and Ethiopia National Bank.
• Ethiopian Investment Commission and The Federation of Sharjah Chambers.
• Ethiopian Investment Commission and The Federation of Abu Dhabi Chambers of Commerce and industry.
• Etihad Credit Insurance and Ethiopian Insurance Corporation.
• Etihad Credit Insurance and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia.
• Al Dahra Group LLC and Ethiopian Investment Commission.
• UAE’s TALC Investment and Ministery like Agriculture of Ethiopia.
• DP World FZE and Ethiopian Ministry of Transport and Logistics.
• Joint Statement the UAE and Ethiopia on Climate Action.
• MOU for Cooperation in the field of combating terrorism.

While the strategic location of Somalia,  on the other hand President Hassan Sheikh asked the UAE to maintain the salary of 3,000 MACAWISLEEY soldiers permanently, basis in Mogadishu and also the UAE to give  the  Hassan Sheikh a small amount of money every time he visit there.