Garacad and buy a track, WRITING BY: Farah Jama.

The statement from the administration of President Hassan Sheikh that, the Garacad port built with the money added to the lands of military camps and sold back to the public project is correct and there is no dispute.

The Puntland administration representing the Federal Government represents the Central Government’s share in that port.

Garacad Port is jointly owned by the Somali Government and Somali businessmen.

It is something called a Public-Private Partnership which means a project jointly implemented by the community and the government and owned by the government and private individuals.

Therefore, the port of Garacad is not a controversial issue, but the current question can be asked, why does Hassan Sheikh care about this statement made by the federal auditor general?

I did two things:

1. There is going to be a large-scale land grab that will take the family of President Hassan Sheikh from the public lands in Banadir region and they want to justify it.

2. That Hassan Sheikh, who in his earlier days divided the people of North and South Mudug politically and militarily, is now trying to divide the people of Galkayo again.

Here Hassan Sheikh is sending a message that Galmudug can capture Puntland at Garacad port.

Garacad Port is a Somali port that has been invested by the Somali people.

The port of Garacad will be handed over to the federal government when other ports and international airports in the country will be handed over by the authorities.

Writing by:  Farah Jama.