The Mogadishu Auditor’s statement is an attack against Puntland!!

This statement is a direct evil and hatred of the government that is being used against the people of Puntland.

The port of Garagad, which the people built in their local contributions, to be caught forcely,  it shows the evil of Hassan Sheikh where it stands?.

What is the difference between a national property and a private one that someone in Hamar is talking about, is it surprising?

70% of Hamar’s wealth was owned by the people of Puntland and there is no mention of it anywhere?.

Two military camps in Galkayo, if they were bought and $5 million was spent and added another $200 million was invested in a public interest project, isn’t it something to be proud of??

Name the national treasure in the South of the country, the one we had, which was more beautiful 30-years ago, do we have it?.

The south of the country where some of the people who were killed were buried in the toilets of their houses and were surrounded?.

Dear Allaah, if we look at the future of Somalia and the country, there is no place for us to stand up for the Puntland to save itself.

Another speech that was a big hit for President S. Deni, and arranged to the people again, Hassan Sheik released.

Jibril Qoobey.