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The unsuitable Chairman of Audit General of SFG.

Ahmed Issa Gutale, the freelance journalist and member of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s media campaign team who was appointed as Somalia’s Auditor General, alleges irregularities in the first-ever community-funded port project constructed in the coastal town of Gara’ad.

Gutale, 37, who was under scrutiny for incompetence and selective criteria in his financial oversight duties, claims that the project was funded after the Federal Member State of Puntland sold land owned by the Somali National Army. He further states that the government will take measures to recover the sold land.

Having no knowledge related to financial and accounting issues, he was replaced by Dr. Mohamed Ali Afgoi, who was an expert in financial and public audit, who has done a lot of development in the Somali Financial Authority, and the international community has full confidence, but after his replacement, The international community has expressed concern about the cooperation of an individual who is not involved in financial matters, and the process of debt forgiveness is at risk, and there is absence about the role of the SFG.

The individuals whom the SFG accused of corruption were all found guilty less, and they were targeted by the Auditor General and the government of Hassan Sheikh, and they are seen as slanderers of people who have different political affairs from the SFG.

And others who were being pushed out of the position and replaced by relatives.