Read: 27 points of mistakes & national fraud committed by Ahmed Gutale

The Somali nation shares the mistakes, mistakes, mistakes and betrayals of Md. Ahmed Gutale (Auditor General) committed during his time at the National Audit Office.

1. That the auditor ordered the amendment of the National Audit General Office Bill approved by the two Houses of the 10th Parliament as the amendment was not based on legal and administrative standards and the rewritten bill was tailored for political and personal interests far from the interests of the nation.

2. That the auditor qualified to change the results of National Audit General Office investigations, especially the opinion of the financial audit report (opinion of the financial audit report) which contained serious errors and the opinion was Disclaimer or Adverse but he made it a Qualified Opinion. This change aims to protect personal, friendship and group interests.

3. That the Auditor crippled the investigation process of National Audit General Office, by ordering the initiation and execution of special investigations that did not go through an efficient and planned process, in accordance with the investigation standards.

4. That the Auditor obstructed the implementation of the investigation in the Investigation Plan for the year 2023 by looking at personal and group interests that would have been revealed if this investigation was carried out.

5. That the auditor without reason for a period of more than 50 days by issuing a note suspended some special investigations conducted by National Audit General Office as the investigations started before his tenure, and he was expected to complete them well. The period of suspended investigations was (10/04/2023- 07/06/2023). The suspension of private investigations was not communicated in writing to the Institutions being investigated;

6. That the Auditor hold secret meetings with people who share information with National Audit General Office to be investigated without the participation of the authorities in charge of those works, and the results of the secret meetings are not stored in National Audit General Offices’s records and he does not share them with the employer. which cripples the work of National Audit General Office and also shows conflict of interest.

7. That the auditor uses the authority of the CSO to benefit low-level individuals and interest groups;

8. That the auditor has made the work of National Audit General Office to be protected by the interests of a certain group of economic and political interests.

9. That National Audit General Office has created a confusing environment where the duties of the Departments are not respected and implemented as they are written. During his tenure, the Auditor General used to deliberately confuse the duties of the Departments by appointing him as Director and assigning him to another person who has no role, which crippled the work of National Audit General Office.

10. That the Auditor regularly threatens, harasses, intimidates, humiliates and abuses the employees and officials of National Audit General Office.

11. That the Auditor is proud of the staff and threatens that the President has awarded him this position only for what he wants.

12. That the Auditor listens to the advice of National Audit General Office authorities, and does something that satisfies his wishes and does not include the interests of National Audit General Office and SFG.
13. That the auditor is qualified to discuss and regulate the duties of other SFG agencies.

14. That the Auditor should adjust the work of National Audit General Office and the people who do it according to his wishes and satisfaction of the individual by sending the work to YES BOSS individuals who do not have a role in some jobs and also do not have enough knowledge and experience.

15. That several people who held important jobs in National Audit General Office have left their jobs while many others are on the verge of leaving their jobs after National Audit General Office has gone into serious confusion.

16. That the Auditor has been hostile and alienated from National Audit General Office’s stakeholder organizations, supported by National Audit General Office and SFG after some of them opposed the appointment of the Auditor General (Md. Gutale) as he has no financial knowledge and experience.

17. That the Auditor General (Md. Avv. Gutale) when he took over the position, he added to National Audit General Office a practice of confronting and pushing the staff & officials of National Audit General Office.

18. That the auditor ordered that the pictures and signatures be changed from the plans, policies and important documents that guide the works of National Audit General Office that he signed and put into effect by the previous auditor Md. Mohamed Afgoi, while Md. Gutale ordered to remove the documents from the photos and signatures of Md. Gutale as the changes are limited to the pictures and signatures only and also these documents were before his tenure.

19. That the auditor has made the works of National Audit General Office to those in my image, which has a great impact on the protection of national secrets and integrity of National Audit General Office.

20. That the auditor openly opposes some of the officials of National Audit General Office for their attitude and work behavior that is strict with the system, rules and laws in force by opposing the non-fulfillment of his personal wishes in the State system and the approved law.

21. That he uses the power of National Audit General Office and the Government to take his friends and relatives to the Government Institutions for contracts by threatening the DFS Institutions and contractors and forcing them to pay a part of the profit or the entire contract will be taken away.

22. That the Auditor General visited the Revenue Center of the Ministry of Finance after the conflict that took place in the Ministry of Finance and the removal of the Minister of Finance. The Auditor General openly threatened and bullied the Directors appointed by the Minister of Education. The Auditor General is assisted by the Director General of Revenue who is married to the Director of Finance. This action by the Auditor General is against the status, honor and value of the Audit Office and it is also a violation of Somali citizens who were taken into the hands of someone else.

23. That the Auditor General should change the structure of the Office in an unsystematic manner by basing the changes on his personal wishes and feelings. If a director says md. This cannot be done by an auditor. The Auditor General replied, “I am sending this work to another person, and I am putting it under another department, which is not in accordance with the law and the government’s order.”

24. That the Auditor tried, and also asked the ICT Department to give 3 people to the Office website users in a low technical way that no one knows about. The director of ICT told him that there is no low level of technology working here but a system that goes through the work of the office. If a person or people who are being made users go through the system, they should officially submit the names of the people who are made users. When the Auditor General did not proceed with the story below, he started a conflict with the ICT Director of the Office because the Director did not fulfill the personal wishes of the Auditor General which is not in accordance with the law, the Government’s work order and the security of the secrets and information of the Government.

25. That the Auditor ordered the operators to communicate the investigation work to other Departments that have nothing to do with investigation, which cripples the investigation work and also eliminates the security of information and the protection of privacy.
26. That the auditor fired an employee who appeared in an open competition and had family circumstances, and replaced him with someone he brought.

27. That the auditor appointed a deputy director to a girl who was not part of the staff and did not come to the office for one day, he appointed her as deputy director. This girl was brought to him by his friends from the media and she has a close relationship, and she was made the Deputy Director’s job without knowing anything about it.

Writing by: Abdel Mohamed Ahmed

Director of Relations, Communications and Technologies of the National Auditor General’s Office.