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The meeting between Hassan Sheikh and the Hawadle community in Mahaas failed

Ali Jeyte, had a 4-hour long meeting with Hassan Sheik in Maxaas last night.

Hard conditions were put on table for Hassan Sheik, namely…

1. To transfer the American Danab Military Station to Maxaas.

2. A Military equipment and needed weapons to bring quickly to Maxaas?

3. That the Mahas Airport Construction Project and other local main projects should be started as soon as possible.

These provisions, the people of Hiiran have made it a condition for their implementation to be available fairly.

According to the reports, Hassan could not accept those conditions, and they broke up in another meeting that lasted for two hours.

Politically it is another bad condition that Hassan Sheikh has faced in his leadership of the country, apart from the war on terror, the failure he has faced.

Jibril Qoobey.