agreements between Israel and Palestine

There is a very important news in the Middle East and IDILNEWS has discovered a plan that Saudi Arabia, the United States, Israel and the Palestinian Authority are working together to bring peace to the political conflict in the East. in the middle of the long term, especially in Palestine and Israel.

The Palestinians are demanding the handover of a large part of the West Bank that is now in the hands of Israel.

The other three parties seem to welcome this plan.

Saudi Arabia wants to claim and say that we have worked on this plan so that they can get the military equipment that they want from the United States, including nuclear power plants and uranium enrichment.

On the part of Israel, she wants her, Palestine and Saudi Arabia to get closer to each other and also to establish good relations with the Arab and Islamic world.

On the American side, John Biden wants to be the president who worked for peace and created those peace agreements.
at the same time he gets more votes as he is entering the presidential election next year.