What is the basis of the dispute between Ali Eid and Qor Qor?

There is a political conflict between some of the top leaders of the state of Galmudug.

Documents released by the President and his deputy show that they are very far apart.

The Vice President, Ali Dahir Eid, issued a letter suspending the Minister of Internal Affairs and accusing him of biasing the war against al-Shabaab.

A few minutes later, a statement appeared in which Galmudug President Ahmed Abdi Kariye denies the decision of the vice president.

The president called the strike by his deputy against his interior minister illegal.

Qoor Qoor also rejected the sacking of the Abudwaq District Council by the governor of that district last week.

On the other hand, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Galmudug administration, Abdi Wayel, said that the vice president’s letter is in violation of the Galmudug constitution.

“While the president was present, the office of the vice president should not have called a strike on the highest official of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He did not have that power and was not authorized to do so. The responsibility of the vice president is limited and it is clear in the constitution of Galmudug.”

What is the basis of the dispute?

Ali Eid accused Minister Abdi Wayel of favoring the Al-Shabaab war, inaction and interference in the local councils of Galmudug districts.

“The letter from the office of the vice president of Galmudug that pointed out the strike against the former minister of interior affairs, the minister has neglected his duties and responsibilities in the ministry and has also been involved in the war against the Khawarij which was organized in Galmudug. Therefore, we have given various warnings to the minister to abandon the disbandment of the Mawis forces that we have gathered in the north of Galgadud region and we wanted them to take part in the war.

The minister who responded to the accusation said: “That issue has no basis and I am not specifically responsible for the fight against al-Shabaab. I work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and my main work is local government affairs and reconciliation, but there is no such thing. As for the government I belong to, which is led by Ahmed Abdi Kariye, I will protect its decisions and directives proposed by the president.”

The Vice President who gave a special interview to the BBC also accused Minister Abdi Wayel of interfering with the Abudwaq Regional Council.

“He distracted the minister from the task of reconciling the Galmudug clans that was sent to him, bringing together the clans and the top leaders of Galmudug and other things that the minister did. In the end, we decided to suspend the minister because he is not qualified to do so. serve the Galmudug community and the Somali community,” said Ali Eid.

Minister Abdi Wayel also defended the accusation.

“I am denying that issue because we came to this meeting in Abudwaq which was attended by about four hundred people from different types of society. the communities that live there. It is worth noting that before the arrival of President Ahmed Abdi Kariye, there were security conditions in Galmudug and it was difficult to move from one city to another.”

What did Ali Eid say about the Qoor-Qoor letter canceling the suspension of the minister?

“It is not a tradition that the president’s letter will only come into effect if the president and the minister of a company are in the same angle to promote the fight against Al-Shabaab and the disbanding of Mawiisley forces is something that has been recognized. By God, anyone who promotes the current war in Somalia will be taken legal action,” said Galmudug Vice President Ali Eid.

“The president can only agree with what the constitution says, but if he takes something outside of our constitution, it is not compatible with the fact that the president of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who has been working hard and spent a month in Galmudug, focusing on the war against Al-Shabaab, is spending a lot of time trying to get an angle on his back. Breaking and disbanding the armed forces is not what our constitution says and the president does not follow and cannot agree with you. What I said is treason. If the president knows about it and agrees with Abdiwayel, it is treason, and he should be held accountable.”

“The strike has come into force and the concerned agencies are instructed not to work with the former minister of internal affairs, and there is no one who can work with the international organizations. The minister of state is the same and he is the one who is working with the letter written by President Qor-Qor.” It is not effective,” said Galmudug deputy mayor.

It is not the first time that such a dispute has occurred between some leaders of Galmudug regional administration.