EU “Seriously concerned” by killings of civilians in Merawi,extension of emergency rule in Amhara state

The European Union (EU) released a statement today expressing serious concern “by the alleged targeted killings of civilians in the town of Merawi, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.” The bloc has also called for “an independent investigation” into the killings, which has been confirmed by the state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission’s (EHRC) latest report.

The EU also said the recent extension of the state of emergency in Amhara region is “a worrying development as it can seriously limit the human rights of the population there.”

The bloc further said that it once again reaffirms “its readiness to support any process leading to dialogue, reconciliation and peace to find a political settlement to the current conflict,” and urged all Ethiopians to take the path of dialogue.

“Only a peaceful solution will bring a sustainable end to the conflicts in the country,” EU said in the statement.