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MV Abdullah Cargo Ship Released After $5 Million Ransom Payment.

The MV Abdullah, a cargo ship from Bangladesh, has been released by pirates after a ransom of $5 million was paid, according to reliable sources. The vessel was hijacked last March while traversing international waters near Gara’ad of Puntland Somalia. Despite the ordeal, all 23 crew members aboard the MV Abdullah have been confirmed safe.

Efforts on the ground by the Puntland government of Somalia played a crucial role in preventing the pirates from receiving external assistance during the negotiations. Furthermore, international maritime forces, notably those from India, conducted a successful operation in the same vicinity, resulting in the apprehension of pirates aboard another vessel passing through international waters near Ayl of Puntland Somalia.

These incidents underscore the persistent threat of piracy in vital maritime routes and the necessity for coordinated action to ensure the safety of vessels and their crew. The release of the MV Abdullah and the apprehension of pirates serve as a testament to the efficacy of collaborative efforts in combating maritime piracy and upholding maritime security.