The planned departure of the ATMIS forces is an opportunity for terrorists.

In the latest assessment, it was found that the terrorists can take over the Central and Southern cities of the country except Beledweyne.

How is it expected to happen?

In principle, the departure of the Atmis forces is important for the country, because they are obstacle and hindrance to the National Army Building.

The finances, training and equipment of the Somali Army was received by Atmis.

this attributed to many flaws made by the successive governments however one point that stand out is the mistake by government, that have usurped other problems, is the lack of coherent and inclusive national security policy that precedes the operation.

The Central Government and and the federal member states should have come together, united, and then make a security policy together.

But what happened was that the Central Government embarked without a plan, by engaging the Militants of the same community who did not have enough equipment and training.

Before the departure of Atmis, a National Security Policy should be made to create a National Army that will be recruited from the country, and their training should begin from sector 54- to Kismayo.

The militias of the government are not enough to take over the bases of the Atmis troops leaving and it was agreed that instead of the Atmis soldiers they can replace the 3 Somalis, which represents the 20 thousand Atmis who are in 50% of the country. 60 thousand Somali soldiers in their place.

Jibril Qoobey