PM Hamze who refrained from the killer of poeter Jama Kadiye.

The Prime Minister of the Somaliland, Hamze Abdi Barre, expressed his condolences on the death of the poeter Jama Kadiye Ilmi, who was killed in an attack by the Somaliland administration in the city of Lasanood, the capital of the Sool region.

A news release from Prime Minister Hamze said that poeter Jama Kadiye, who was a respected writer in Somalian territory, was killed in a bombing attack,although the PM is refraining from condemning or pointing out that Somaliland attacks brutality.

Read below the news from the office of the Prime Minister XFS.


The Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Somalia, Mr. Hamsa Abdi Barre has expressed his condolences to the family, relatives and the Somali nation as a whole.

The Prime Minister also expressed his condolences to the other people who died or were injured in the bombing of Lasanod.

The poeter was a creator and traditionalist who played a significant role in Somali literature, and at the same time had a reputation and honor in the Somali community.

The Prime Minister prayed to God to grant Janatul Fardowsa, patience and faith to the family, friends and all the Somali people who left.