Gaas and Omar were heavily criticized for obeying Hassan Sheikh

Gaas and Omar should not have participated in the space organized by Hassan, where he was looking for support when the Somali community turned its back on him.

Omar was not bad and a little stubborn, he showed, then he left.

But Gaas, was sitting in the middle and was left like the public.

Abdiweli is a man who does not know that he is needed and makes himself cheap, and I am sorry that one of our great politicians is not proud.

Farmajo did not come to Space, and he supported it with a nonsensical text.

Sh. Sharif did not support him in writing and did not come to the scene, and he criticized the leadership of the war on terror.

Deni is a proud leader, not cheap and arrogant and knows that he is needed.

Jibril Qoobey.